7Questions You MustAsk When Hiring a New IT Provider

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Cloud Servers For Your Montana Business

Most business owners are familiar with having physical servers at their office location, but there is another server option that is becoming and more popular to business owners like you. Cloud servers have many benefits that the typical on-site server doesn’t.

Although we are headquartered in Bozeman, MT, you can be located anywhere to use our cloud server services. You can be in Bozeman or Billings Montana, Houston or Austin Texas or California with your employees working anyhwere as well. All you need is an internet connection.

Cloud Server Options

For the month of April, we are giving 50% off on our Cloud Server I and Cloud Server II options for the LIFE of the server.

A big advantage of cloud servers is that you pay for what you need. If for 3 months you have 5 employees and only need a basic cloud server configuration; great! This will help keep your cost low. Then, one month you start hiring more and more employees and you now need a cloud server that has more horsepower. You can upgrade your cloud server with more memory, more CPUs and more disk space. With cloud servers you are able to dynamically change the specifications of your server from month-to-month to fit your company needs which will also change how much you pay. Very simular to paying the electric company for how much electricity you need.

For specific pricing on our cloud server options please call us at 406-579-1591. We like to discuss your specific company needs and also plan on your company’s future needs before suggesting which cloud server options would be best for you.