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Cloud Data Backup in Montana

Cloud Backup Designed for Your Business

There are many benefits for your company to having your data secured outside the office.  Our solution helps make this move for your business easy and affordable while providing Fortune 500 class features. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Keep your important files safe and secure with BCS Cloud Backup.

Can Your Backup Do This?

  • Redundant & secure: Your data is encrypted, compressed and then sent to the data center in the cloud and replicated to a second data center over 3,000 miles away. Data is encrypted with military grade protection before leaving your network.
  • Revision rules: Set how many changed versions of a file you would like. From 1 day to years, you can restore any version.
  • Exchange server:  Your MS Exchange store can be backed up, but also mailbox and message level backups can be performed so even a single email can be easily and quickly restored.
  • Confirmation backup reports: We can help monitor your backups, but you can also receive email confirmations for success or failed backups.
  • Local support when you need it: Our technicians are here in Bozeman, Montana ready to help you any time you need it.

Cloud Backup Levels

Not all business are the same. Different businesses have different backup needs. This is why instead of pushing everyone into a single cloud backup solution, we offer two different backup options and we can work with you to decide which one meets your business needs best.

  • Cloud Data Backup – This option fits most businesses. With no hardware investment costs your data is encrypted and stored on two highly secure redundant data centers in the cloud and your data can be restored to anywhere you like.
  • Cloud Server Continuity – This option has some up-front hardware investment costs, but offers what could be priceless for your business. If one or more of your servers were to fail, a virtual local copy of that server can be turned on and continue to work, just as if nothing ever happened, while your server is repaired. These virtual copies can also be sent offsite so that in a complete catastrophe your data can be accessed in the cloud from your temporary office or anywhere you like. When business uptime is your main concern, this is your solution.

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