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CompleteCloud – IT as a Utility

Remember answering machines? Those boxes that hooked to your to your telephone with a tape cassette that recorded calls? They continued to evolve in complexity until… Telephone companies introduced affordable voicemail services to their customers and almost overnight those ubiquitous devices turned into dinosaurs and started vanishing.         Just like our dearly […]

Cloud Managed Wireless Networks

Cloud Managed Wireless Networks

Meraki’s wireless network systems bring enterprise-class wireless to businesses of all sizes. Since Meraki’s unique cloud-based controller allows for 100% management and monitoring, it fits right in with our service specialization. Meraki’s cloud built architecture helps eliminate the high cost and complexity associates with traditional wireless systems such as Cisco or SonicWall SonicPoints wireless systems.

What are the real benefits of Managed IT Services?

One of the biggest challenges that faces small-business owners is managing their information technology. Computers, mobile devices, software and, in some cases, servers have to be maintained and updated and replaced. That costs money. For those who choose to hire staff IT professionals, those costs can really mount up as their businesses start to grow….

Visa, MasterCard Breach May be Worse Than Suspected

In April, we reported that Global Payments, the company that processes credit card transactions for Visa and MasterCard, had been hacked and that approximately 1.5 million users’ credit card information had been compromised. Recent reports indicate that the situation could be worse. According to Krebs on Security, Global Payments’ system could have been penetrated by…

IPv6 and Small Businesses

The Internet is growing. We shouldn’t be surprised by that news. Approximately seven billion people share this planet, and nearly one-seventh of them have Facebook accounts. That’s a lot of photo and video sharing going on. It’s no wonder the Internet has to upgrade. Just as small-businesses have to acquire more server space to accommodate…

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