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Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Privacy

There are settings in Facebook that allow you to control who sees what information and what happens when you’re tagged. Despite what you may have heard or seen floating around in a Facebook share hoax, you do have complete control over your Facebook privacy, and it’s easy to adjust.

Cyber Security: 4 Ways to Travel Safe For Business

As soon as you step away from your office, your protections disappear, leaving your device and the data inside at great risk. Taking these four precautions will increase cyber safety.

How Much Could A Ransomware Attack Cost You?

When the ransomware, WannaCry, tore through the world recently, many businesses were suddenly forced to re-assess the value of their data: was it worth saving, and what would be the deeper cost of the attack?

Why Your Business Needs A Strong Firewall

A surprising number of businesses are operating without a firewall, or with one unsuitable to the requirements of a business network.

Why Your Business Should Upgrade To A Managed Anti-Virus System

Anti-virus programs don’t catch viruses when they’re not running. Yes, it’s blatantly obvious, but what’s not always clear is how often your staff are disabling your anti-virus programs so they can squeeze in a little playtime.

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