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avatar"Chris Kimbell and Big Sky Computer Solutions have been an integral part of our IT team since we retained them more than 2 years ago. Since our IT department is located in San Francisco they are our eyes, ears, and feet on the ground in Bozeman a...

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About Us

Chris Kimbell worked as an IT professional for more than 10 years before venturing out on his own to start Bigsky Computer Solutions. During his years as a computer IT technician, Chris noticed that many clients were being left in the lurch by their IT service providers. IT professionals would go into the clients’ office, fix whatever was wrong with the clients’ computers or systems and then leave for the next scheduled appointment. It would usually be up to the client to schedule the technician for a later appointment to have their server health checked, make sure backups were completing and that all the computer antivirus protection was up-to-date and working properly. Chris also saw the problems associated with these not being checked on a daily basis. The client would come into work one morning and find the server had crashed and backups had not been completed sucessfully for days, weeks or in some cases months.

Chris wanted to change this void of support and started Bigsky Computer Solutions in 2010. Using specialized cloud tools and services, Bigsky Computer Solutions is able to monitor the health of company networks and servers, make sure backups are completing, and verify that all the antivirus protection has the latest version. If something were to happen such as the antivirus protection detect a threat or the server temperature get too hot, an alert is sent to the team 24/7 and a technician can remotely remidiate the problem or immediately schedule an onsite visit already knowing the issue.

The goal of this type of service is being able to offer you quick response, eliminate down time by detecting possible issues and remediating them and to keep things working in the most efficient way possible. This type of managed IT service is what Bigsky Computer Solutions specializes in with our 3-step IT relief plan, Total IT Totally Covered™.

Don’t wait until your server crashes or find your backups haven’t ran. Contact us at 406-579-1591 now to take advantage of our managed IT service.

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