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Archieves » September 2014

Windows 10 Announced! – Enterprise Driven

Windows 10 is being developed primarily for Enterprises and will combine the Enterprise beloved Windows 9 features for mouse and keyboard with Windows 8 features for touch. It will also contain better Enterprise licensing for software, better security and programs that are available on Windows will also be available on phones and tablets and vice versa.

Serious Shellshock Vulnerability Discovered in OS X, Linux & Unix

Recently security experts discovered a bug effecting OS X (Mac), Linux and Unix operating systems.

CompleteCloud – IT as a Utility

Remember answering machines? Those boxes that hooked to your to your telephone with a tape cassette that recorded calls? They continued to evolve in complexity until… Telephone companies introduced affordable voicemail services to their customers and almost overnight those ubiquitous devices turned into dinosaurs and started vanishing.         Just like our dearly […]