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Archieves » January 2013

Are You Being Tracked on the Internet?

Privacy on the internet is becoming a bigger and bigger topic to many. Different web sites are collecting so much information about you and selling it to other companies or just collecting it on their servers. Your private information is stored on Facebooks servers, Google tracks every search you do and tracks which web sites […]

Lack of proper IT security expels Montreal student

A Montreal computer science student was expelled recently for finding IT security holes in the school’s student portal, exposing the confidential records of over 250,000 students attending Dawson College. Hamed Al-Khabaz was working on creating a mobile application for students to have easier access to their school accounts. As he worked on his mobile application…

Microsoft Office 2013 Pricing Revealed

Everyone is at least somewhat familiar with Microsoft’s Office suite of products including Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Publisher. Most businesses, and a lot of homes, have Office installed on their computers. For many years now Microsoft has been the only company to create these type programs well, though several have tried including […]

Government Suggests to Disable Java – What Our Computer Support Specialists Suggest

Government Suggests to Disable Java Our computer support technicians try to follow the latest news on security. There seems to be more Java and Adobe security vulnerabilities being exploited by hackers than ever before and is even more of a target than computer viruses. Java is used on more than 1.1 billion desktops and 3 […]