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Archieves » December 2012

Cisco Meraki Partner – 100% Cloud Managed

When it comes to our customers we want you to use the right equipment or service that fits you best for your specific company needs and giving you the latest in technology while still being reliable and affordable. We are always on the hunt for something new that fits these requirements. You are already aware […]

Windows XP End-of-Life in Under 500 Days

When our computer support technicians service computers here in Bozeman and other Montana cities, you would be surprised at how many computers are still running Windows XP. At the moment, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but as old technology goes out and is not supported, new technology replaces it that is, hopefully, faster, […]

Is Microsoft Exchange Cloud Email Right For You?

Microsoft’s latest email server, Microsoft Exchange 2013 has been released and we are now making it available to you though our cloud services. Depending on your business needs, Lync and SharePoint 2013 are also available. What is new in Exchange 2013 and is it right for your business? We can go over this in more […]

Managed IT Service Video

This is a simple video about bigsky Computer Solutions’ managed IT services for your business. As your business grows so does your IT needs. IT needs to grow and develop as your business does their managed IT services. After being developed and updated for 2 years their managed IT service, Total IT Totally Covered, is […]

How to Help Prevent Junking Up Your Computer

My technicians and I work on a lot of client computers. Our goal is to always have those computers that we support working in their tip top shape. Sometimes what our computer support team discovers can really slow down the computer, cause computer issues and errors and can just clutter the computer screen. This article […]