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Archieves » September 2012

New Java Exploit Found Effects 1 Billion Computers

It seems that Oracle’s Java program is constantly being patched for security holes. A new security exploit has been discovered which gets around a sandbox feature Java has in place to help prevent security holes. Adam Gowdiak who discovered the Java security exploit has verified the issue with a proof-0f-concept last week and reported it to […]

FinSpy Mobile, the new undetectable spyware for your smartphone spies on you

Everyone is familiar with computer viruses now days.  Most everyone has had to deal with a virus or two on their computers and had to have their computer repaired because of it. There are viruses for Windows, Linux and Mac, but did you know there is an incredible increase of viruses or spyware for mobile […]

How to Pay Manufacturer Pricing & More – Member Benefits Program Additions

Bigsky Computer Solutions is always looking for ways to help improve the value of our managed IT services. For members of our Total IT. Totally Covered. plan we already have several great member benefits such as discounted hourly onsite rates and unlimited remote support. We also include 15GB of free cloud data backup space and […]

Don’t Fall For Ransomware – a new type of virus you could discover in Bozeman, MT

I wrote a previous newsletter on Scareware and how not to be fooled by this virus and how to stay safe. It appears there is now a new type of virus that is taking it a step further. This new virus is being classified as Ransomware and the Metropolitan Police is issuing warnings about this […]

Power Outages Shutting Your Computers Down? UPS Tips Bozeman, MT

Managed IT Computer Tip From Bigsky Computer Solutions in Bozeman, MT Computers, servers and networking equipment are all mission critical to businesses and should all be plugged into a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). A good UPS can provide surge protection with an equipment protection policy and also keep your equipment powered on for a short […]