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Archieves » February 2012

Google’s New Privacy Policy – Protect Your Personal Information

There are pluses and minuses to everything. With the implementation of Google’s new privacy policy, the down side of customized search results is that – come March 1, 2012 – all your search information will be shared across all Google products. If you want to prevent that, you’ll have to act fast. Preventing Google from…

New Domain Name Scam Surfacing

A few of our clients have reached out to us as their trusted IT advisor asking us about this email they have received.   Looks like another chinese domain name scam. What we recommend is that you simply delete this message and not act on their requests.  There are often scams such as this online…

Are you a Montana business owner?

Experience less down-time, Receive priority responses and superior service, so you can spend time managing your company, not IT problems. Introducing … Total IT. Totally covered.

IT Security Threats

As hackers become more sophisticated, businesses and individuals become more vulnerable to attack. Everyone must remain vigilant. Installing security software and firewalls are a start, but they certainly aren’t enough. For one thing, security software only works when it’s used. People who install the software without ever taking the time to schedule regular computer scans…

Are Your IT Systems Working For You Or Against You?

Big Sky Computer Solutions (BSCS), LLC is a Bozeman, Montana-based company that provides a full spectrum of IT solutions and consulting services. We offer small businesses in Montana and Texas the latest technology solutions to help them achieve their business goals. Our partnerships with leading technology companies like Microsoft, Dell, Vipre and SonicWall allow us to provide our clients with the best, most up-to-date solutions for their businesses.

Like a shepherd guarding his flock, BSCS constantly watches and protects your company’s valuable computer assets and software. We call the concept Total IT Support. Prevention and security are our buzz words. We will guard your system around the clock. If our team detects a problem, one of them will immediately begin assertive action to control and ultimately solve it. Our goal is to help you avoid downtime and save you money. Total IT. Totally covered.

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